Casselman School Library

Client: Village of Casselman
Consultant: Séguin Racine & Associates
Value: $2,930,000
Completed: 2007

Designed by Seguin Racine & Associates, this new 13,000 square foot library building was constructed adjacent to existing school complexes in Casselman during the school season. The unique building architecture blends the school complex connecting to other expansion work performed by ASCO for the Conseil scolaire de district catholiques de l’Est ontarien.

The project was unique in its foundation and wall construction, an insulated form technique for 7.6 metre high walls, used in conjunction with masonry bearing walls, provided the support for the completion of the building envelope.

Safety and coordination with the existing in-use school facilities were our primary concerns. The project was successfully completed and turned over in September, 2007.

Hawkesbury Hospital Hemodialysis Unit

Client: Hawkesbury General Hospital
Consultant: Otto & Erskine Architects
Value: $455,000
Completed: 2002

ASCO was the successful pre-qualified bidder on this 3000 square foot interior fit-up. The project consisted of the demolition of existing facilities and rebuilding a new hemodialysis unit while this hospital sector remained operational.

Important infection control measures were undertaken at the outset and were closely monitored throughout the duration of the project to ascertain that the areas outside of the work environment were not contaminated.

Due to the limited designated work area and to the ongoing day-to-day operations of the hospital, the sequencing of operations was also a challenge that our construction team needed to address and did managed quite successfully to the satisfaction of our client.

Casselman School Gymnasium

Client: Conseil Scolaire de District Catholique de l’est Ontarien
Consultant: Séguin Racine & Associates
Value: $4,900,000
Completed: December 2006

ASCO successfully tendered and completed this multi-facetted expansion of the existing high school. The project involved the construction of two separate additions, at opposite ends of the school. The first, a 9500 square foot gymnasium with all the modern amenities and, the second, a 2-storey 26,000 square foot structure which includes classrooms, administration space, and a full service cafeteria.

Scheduling presented the biggest challenge on this project as access to the site was delayed by one month.

However, ASCO and its team of hardworking sub-contractors went about their work professionally, regaining lost time, and permitted a grateful client to take possession as originally scheduled with a facility of high-quality work.

École élémentaire publique de la Rivière Castor (Elementary)

Client: Conseil des Écoles Publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario
Consultant: Bryben Martel Architects
Value: $3,200,000
Completed: 2000